Central Sexual Health

Digital Marketing, Youth, Social, Public Sector

The Challenege

There's still a stigma about the sensitive subject of sexual health, so a digital campaign promoting awareness and testing required an innovative approach. We devised a seriously social plan, which involved training genuine NHS Nurses and Health Services Staff to offer users on social networking websites an authentic, informed voice.

The Solution

We took the campaign to accessible spaces where users could engage with professionals with important advice. We contributed to Gaydar forums, and set up a Bebo account to cater for a younger demographic, as well as a profile on the country's most popular social network, Facebook.

These social solutions were carefully conceived to inject human personality into the campaign. We took the innovative approach of issuing relevant stories for users to discuss and interact with. Authenticity and trust is crucial with these social components, so we trained up NHS personnel who continue to communicate with a strong and respondent network.

This direct interaction was supported with a carefully planned 'How Safe Are You?' Quiz Facebook application and a targeted advertising campaign on the social network.

The Result

The Facebook quiz application permeated over 100 target audience profiles, prompting an impressive number of comments and interactions. Through Facebook adverts alone, 69 Chlamydia Tests were requested and more than 2,200 website visitors generated.

NHS Central Sexual Health's presence on Gaydar offered a great opportunity for a direct channel with the gay community, and we've ensured that the health professionals who operate these social media communication channels are well equipped to make use of these assets in the future.

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