Good Practice iPhone


A top tips app for managers on the move that made it to pole position on Apple's 'New and Noteworthy'

The Challenge

We have been the technical partner for GoodPractice for a number of years. Currently providing online resources to over one million leaders and managers, they came to Storm ID looking to develop a new iPhone app to help deliver their award winning content for free to leaders on the move.

The Solution

We decided at the consultation stage that we needed to start simple and add more features as users demanded. We offered involved topics as easy to digest chunks of information - ideal for mobile consumption. And so, the Top Tips for Managers iPhone app was born, offering instant access to over 100 top tip articles to help managers boost their key skills across: management effectiveness, personal performance and communication skills.

We deliberately kept the navigation familiar and easy to use and developed everything specifically to fit the iPhone format. We added features allowing managers to switch easily between topics, mark favourite articles and email tips to colleagues to their team members and colleagues. Content is written in plain English, and page layout is designed to ensure maximum readability on a handheld device.

GoodPractice were heavily involved in the app making process (even blogging about the experience) as we Wire-framed, worked out content, developed, tested and refined the app to ensure it was quick and that the content was easy to use. Once we'd organised the developer licence and the optimised title and description is was time to release the first version into the App Store. 

The Result

Upon launch the app attracted five star ratings from users and took the top spot in the iPhone Business New and Noteworthy section. It then marched on, rising through the What's Hot? iPhone Business Section to occupy the second spot for a good few weeks! It's done so well we are now looking at developing the app for other platforms.

Top Tips for Managers is available via the App Store but also organisations are able to commission a paid-for customised or bespoke version of the app for their own specific use. This givea companies the opportunity to integrate their own material into the app, to give it their own corporate look and feel, or to commission an app to meet a particular organisational need.

Like what you see?

GoodPractice is all about helping managers and leaders perform better. We’ve always prided ourselves on our great content. We see the mobile delivery of Top Tips for Managers as a key way of bringing that content to the wider world. It will give managers and leaders the help and ideas they need when they need them.  PETER CASEBOW, CHIEF EXECUTIVE