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The Challenge

Renowned as a staple of the British high-street for over 120 years, Marks and Spencer has once again proved it 'is not just any retailer' by launching a highly effective new website for its energy products.  

Storm ID worked with the M&S Energy team to redevelop the user experience to improve the effectiveness of the site as a customer acquisition channel.

The Solution

Storm broke the project into four stages to ensure that the finished product offered visitors a straight-forward and engaging experience whilst finding a resonance with M&S Energy's brand guidelines.

The first stage of the project involved an expert review of the website; a process that decloaked the psyche and behaviour of the people visiting it. Here, common usage patterns began to emerge, as did the actions of new and returning visitors which went on to inform the design and layout of the redeveloped website.  

We also reviewed the effectiveness of the site in communicating the proposition and brand message of M&S Energy to its target audience; an approach often termed 'dog fooding' whereby a company or agency test out a product or service for themselves, as if they were the customer.

To add a 'real life' edge to the project and to better understand the target audience, we went on to create a detailed set of personas using the Mosaic profiling data available to M&S Energy's internal team. Personas are fictional representations of real life customers and are primarily used to help the project team keep sight of the target market and to prevent them imposing their own prejudices on the look and feel of a website.

Once the personas and expert review work was completed, a set of wireframes were developed that visually communicated the recommendations and findings that had surfaced during the first two stages of the project.

In particular, the wireframes and subsequent design concepts looked to channel M&S Energy's brand values which include 'fresh, green living' and 'a valuable and rewarding customer experience'.

Finally, we commissioned new photography for the site as well as a full rewrite of webpage copy. We were also responsible for the output of the designs which were passed to SSE's in house IT department to build and deploy.


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